Commute Smart Campaign


The Commute Smart campaign asked faculty and staff to try out smart commuting—or help their colleagues join them as smart commuters.

Four icons indicated the four different smart commuting modes. These were used throughout the web site, in print material, and on pins.


We also wanted to increase our communication channels, and engage in dialogues with the community. To accomplish this we launched a series of events to promote the different smart commute modes, and to reach out to BCIT faculty, staff, and students.

The On the Go! Fashion Show featured models from the BCIT community and attracted a large audience, as well as discussion on social media, the campaign blog, and word of mouth.


The Hybrid Commute Demo which showed people how easy it is to take their bike on the bus.


To create the diverse campaign materials I took up many different roles, from event planner to photographer to videographer to blogger.