Category: Motion

Much of my motion work is for preroll ads which are screened before online television episodes. They benefit from more of a captive audience than standard web ads, and sometimes result in better click-through rates.

Computing PTS Preroll for Space Channel

This is one of my favourite preroll ads. The production timeframe did not allow for us to record a sound track, so I put together a sound track using sound effects. The timing, content, and channel in which the preroll was shown all worked well together, as this was preroll ad had one of our highest click-through rates. Read more →

BCIT “it” Preroll

This preroll was made during the BCIT “it”¬†campaign creative platform. The creative was a set of four tools used in specific BCIT programs that spelled the word it. This video, with its multitude of its rolling past the camera, was able to legibly depict the word it, as well as the breadth of programs offered at BCIT. Read more →